I grew up in Liaoning China, studied political theory at University in Beijing, went to Australia to pursue master degree in IT and commerce, got involved in international trade, start-up in Australia and Canada.


As a person who has multiple background and global view, I think Richmond need better vision and new approach.


A real leader is to give direction, uphold justice, serve all people, rather than simply  woo the voters.  A real leader should be a warrior,  in the beginning, maybe they are alone, lack of public understanding, but they know they are doing right things.


Our housing crisis need a real solution, politicians should not just demonstrate they are doing something but ignore the result.


Our community need more care, love, fairness, respect and dignity. The cold-blood should not be political main melody.


There are many problems in our community. Nationalism and extremism are surging, although they are still lurking, it will become a big conflict at any time.


Chinese community is almost a racial enclave, many new immigrants lack basic understanding of western value.


On the other hand, traditional Chinese culture is misused, many people just use the name of Chinese culture, but far away from the real spirit of Chinese tradition.


So many religious groups are disconnected with society and secular practice, forgot their social responsibility.


Our community need a real transformation, not a superficial remedy.


If I could get elected, I will devote my knowledge and experience to all richmondites, Richmond deserves a better future . Please vote for me on October 20.