Born and raised in China.  Landed in Richmond in 2005.

Although I'm an IT person, I also have political academic background.

I'm passionate about both tech and philosophy, politics.


I'm not a community activist knowing nothing about ideology,

not a businessman fighting for benefit, using campaign as the extension of business promotion,

not a power gamer chasing status and honor.


I define myself as a Democritus-type learner, loving the knowledge, rationality and truth,

a Columbus-type reformer, having the courage to bring forth new ideas,

a David-Hume-type sower and visionary, probably most people vote for the benefit and rally to the power, I'm proud to be the

person fighting for the principle. I know it's difficult to be understood in the beginning, but in the long run, I believe principles and

thoughts are the essence of politics.


The old saying goes that the temporary success or failure rely on strength, the long lasting success lies in the truth. I'm

the one who pursues the truth.