High housing prices stimulate people's desires, but also make some people become house slaves. Ordinary wage earners chase market up and down, and at all costs to buy unaffordable houses, although they have a house, their burdens are extremely heavy.


They are full of fear of falling house prices and are full of expectations for rising house prices. At the same time, renters and young people cannot find suitable place to live and must bear the price of housing crisis.


This is abnormal and unsustainable.


Renters and other no-owners such as young people have no reason to be the bridesmaids of house speculators. Social ethics of the wealth pursuit should not base on forcing others to be poor.


Real estate speculators should not pass on high property taxes to homeowners who only use houses as a shelter and home. Homeowners should not pass on the high mortgages to tenants. The government needs to take action to curb speculation that is harmful to the economy and social stability. The government should not give speculators the chance to speculate.


To this end, I propose three different levels of plans, which are short term plan, medium term plan and long term plan. I hope these plans can help the housing market not only be on the normal track, minimize the damage caused by the housing crisis, but also create new opportunities.


The government needs a short term, visible solution, we cannot treat emergency as chronic diseases.


The government needs a medium term and long term plan, because the recuperation of the housing market involves almost all aspects of political and economic elements, it is a complicated process.


In my solution, the short term plan is to prevent further housing speculation, at the same time give subsidies to renters and homeowners who own only one home.


The medium term plan is to speed up the approval of rezoning and new housing construction, increase supply, and scientifically and rationally make urban planning in the long run.


The long term plan is to reform the housing system and establish a new mechanism to solve the housing crisis. I recommend the Singapore's scheme and the remote area immigration strategy.


Regarding the short term plan, unlike the simple taxation, I subdivide the homeowner and try to collect taxes only on speculators and Robert-kiyosaki-style investors.


For the medium term plan, I rely more on private sectors than government's subsidizing. Because the  market mechanisms are more powerful that the government's limited manipulation.  On the other hand, some strategic plans must be made to create the necessary external conditions for real estate development.


For the long term plan, I recommend Singapore's successful experience in housing policy, which requires the support of the provincial and federal governments,  it is a long-term systematic project and real solution.