The emergency requires urgent measures, but this does not mean that the rehabilitation of the disease does not need treatment and recuperation. The same is true for solving housing crisis. The subsidy is an urgent measures, and addressing the relationship between supply and demand is treatment and recuperation. Therefore,  solving housing crisis must increase supply. Not only the supply of overall housing quantity, but also the supply of rental market.


Supply means land. There are only two ways to acquire more lands: either increase the amount of land or increase the density. If there is no new land, it must increase the density; if it cannot increase the density, it must have new land. As more and more new immigrants come to Richmond, it is necessary to either increase the density or acquire more new land .


Since Richmond is close to airport and flight route, and the geological conditions are very special, it is impossible to build a skyscraper, so seeking new land becomes an inevitable choice.


On the supply aspect, I propose four measures:


First, a more rational urban planning and rezoning;


Second, rely on developers and utilize market mechanisms;


Third, negotiate with the provincial government, allow a small number of ALRs to exclude from agricultural use.


Fourth, again apply to ALC to convert garden city land to non-agricultural use, increasing the supply of government housing.