For urban planning, I have four points:


First, build a shopping mall in No 4 rd to shift the city's center of gravity eastward, this shopping mall will also help reduce traffic congestion.


Second, the current CF Richmond center expansion plan has a huge security risk and the plan needs to be updated. This expansion plan will last seven years, that means the Richmond center will be a big construction site in the next few years. A large two-story parking lot will be built under the Richmond center, if the earthquake occurs during the day time and eventually the Richmond center collapses, it will cause a huge disaster. Richmond downtown need high density, but  congestions and lack of  various supporting facilities will cause problems, especially the shortage of  school and residential parking space. The Richmond center will be surrounded by high-rise buildings. From the perspective of the Chinese feng shui, this type of design  is not auspicious.


Third, establish a second downtown in Steveston, dominate by high-end communities, it will help divert the population of Richmond, at the same time, Richmond may build more beautiful waterfront.


Fourth, encourage more people to use bicycles , repair some bicycle lanes, and protect the safety of cyclists.


Although translink has already adjusted the future bus routes, there is still much room for improvement, and re-planning of bus routes can help people travel more easily.