Garden city land is  owned by the Richmond city. It is also a part of agricultural  land reserve.


This land is very close to Richmond downtown, its excellent location gives this land different value. In the context of the current housing crisis, the best use of this land is to build low-cost rental housing to tackle the shortage of rental housing .


It's a very bad idea to use this land if there were no housing crisis, but  it's critical when current measures give little impact, don't forget that a large new immigrant force is marching to Richmond.


The urgency and necessity of establishing an agricultural park is far less than the urgency of increasing the supply of rental housing. When your living place is uncomfortable, you will not be able to feel the beauty of the scenery far away,  outdoor pleasure will not make up for the lack of indoor space. Garden city land needs to play a role in increasing the supply of rental housing, unless there is a better solution.