The development of Richmond is inseparable from talent. It's hard to imagine that Silicon Valley could rise without the influx of top talent.


Richmond should welcome outside talent, even if they are not permanent residents or citizens. On the other hand, Richmond is beset by birth tourism. If the federal government has no intention to change the country’s fundamental law for only one or two cities, then the municipal government and the provincial government cannot wait, they should not shirk responsibility just because of the federal government’s 'inaction'. Some passport baby's parents left Canada without paying Richmond hospital, at least Richmond City government should take measures to tackle this issue.


My approach here is that Richmond City imposes administrative fees on birth tourists who give birth at Richmond hospital, and  future 'passport baby's mother must pay a certain deposit first.  The  administrative fee collected by city is  $10,000 each child. Use this money to set up a special fund to subsidize extraneous talents who hired by Richmond company, regardless of this talent is from a city outside  Metro Vancouver, or from other provinces, or from overseas.


Companies in Richmond can apply for subsidies for these foreign talents to help them pay rent,  and the city conducts assessments to ensure that Richmond's companies are competitive in terms of talent competition.