There are many uncivilized phenomena in the Chinese community. These phenomena are not associated with the spirit of Chinese culture, but it may lead other ethnic groups to misinterpret Chinese culture.


There are splendid treasures in Chinese culture. Chinese need to excavate and carry forward these treasures,  Chinese people should be the model of civilization. But nowadays that most of the casino customers are Chinese, and this phenomenon should be changed.


Chinese groups and association have the role of bridges. While further strengthening the artistic and commercial functions, it is necessary to add more functions of culture and education, to realize the transformation from the performance of form of traditional culture to the practice of the spirit of traditional culture, and to play a role in establishing a new image of Chinese. In various educational activities, the Chinese community groups and associations can provide audiences, act as leaders, make Richmond a cultural city, a model of integration between China and the West, and finally  revive Chinese spirit, contribute to Canada's multiculturalism.