There are many Chinese in Richmond, on the other hand, Richmond is also a diverse multiracial community. Chinese people have Chinese identity, Chinese are also a part of the Canadian multicultural community.  Chinese need to learn how to live in harmony with other ethnic groups.


Just like salt, it is vital for the human body, but don't eat too much. The Chinese community may have some healthy nationalism, but need be careful not to trap in an ethnic enclave. Chinese and other ethnic group need to respect each other’s ethnic  identity and religion.


For this reason, I advocate multiple dialogues and friendly conversations:


First, religious dialogue between Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and atheism;


Second, community dialogue between Chinese and Muslim,  let Chinese and Muslim know each other's history and culture;


Third,  strengthen the relationship between the Japanese and Chinese community. Both Chinese and Japanese have been discriminated against in Canadian history, now we are all Canadian.


Fourth, let more people know Chinese culture, especially the real spirit of Chinese philosophy and Buddhism,  eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings;


Fifth,  educate and spread the concept of religious freedom and religious tolerance;


Sixth, the Chinese community may organize more joint events with other ethnic groups, establish friendship and enhance each other's connections.