The development of Richmond's agriculture must take into consideration that Richmond is adjacent to other central cities, while other central cities have essentially no agricultural land.


Since it is impossible to  rely  on large-scale mechanical farming to improve competitiveness, developing featured agriculture, high value-added agriculture, high tech agriculture, urban-oriented agriculture become essential. It is necessary to change the development model and strategic direction.


Agricultural seasonal workers who work illegally with tourist visas must be banned. The city council need  take further actions to curb ALR speculation, remove the obstacles of agricultural development .


Agricultural resorts, agricultural education bases, and the construction of sightseeing agriculture need to be encouraged. The development of agriculture needs to be combined with Richmond's filming industry. Some Chinese vegetables that usually are imported from China and the US should grow locally.


KPU's new greenhouse technology can be first tested, applied and promoted in Richmond. Agri-tourism can be used as an extension of tourism and agriculture.