Whether it is marijuana, opioid, mental health, or community safety, in essence, it is a spiritual issue. It involves not only politics but also ethics and religion.


To solve these problems, we cannot simply ask to go back to the past, nor can we ignore ethic issue . We must consider both the progress and principle,  western value and eastern method,  and respect multiculturalism.


Religion has a unique role in solving these social issues, and it is necessary to strengthen the function of religion.


For this reason, I propose the following solutions to marijuana, drugs, mental health and community safety issues:


First, urge the federal government to setup a special religious visa which is different from the skilled worker immigrant category. Let great masters, gurus, prominent priest, ministers, and other  notable religious leaders can easily immigrate to Canada, let these spiritual treasures transform and purify this society.


Second, support the existing religious institutions, children's certain volunteer activities in religious practices can be counted to school volunteer hours.


Third, encourage the secular practice of religious study, and establish a good relationship between religious group and government, let religious groups get more involved in social activities.


Fourth, improve police's efficiency and service level,  increase the detection rate.


Fifth,  help new immigrants understand Canada's legal system and strengthen self-protection.


Sixth, Follow the principle of edification to solve social problems.