There was a story in ancient china about three moves by Mencius' mother. Therefore, we should let children to stay away from the environment of marijuana.


The sale of cannabis food needs to be banned in order to protect children.

Farmland is not allowed to grow marijuana, which is the respect for the community.


Planting marijuana at home is allowed, if you're a tenant, then planting must be approved by the landlord. If the dwelling is in an apartment, the building management can make their own policies.


If you only smoke marijuana, you must plant at least four flowers in the yard. If you plant four cannabis in your home, you must plant eight flowers in the yard. These flowers can make the community more beautiful, and planting flowers is also a compromise and respect for others.


Neighbours have the right to complain about marijuana odour, the basic principle of using marijuana is not to disturb other people's life. 


On the other hand, the key of marijuana issue is education. If you cannot ban in the past, how can you ban after legalization? so simple ban will not be working, we must strengthen the tools of education,  let schools, churches, and monasteries play the key role.