Richmond is favourite  city for many new immigrants. New immigrants come from different culture and political systems, need to adapt to new environment, and integrate with mainstream society.


New immigrants may learn this new country in their work and life, and also need to actively learn some abstract theory, common sense, and basic knowledge about this country.


Here, I have two propositions:


First, introduce Canadian history, culture, and political systems, and invite experts, scholars, and politicians to give lectures.


Second, the city gives each new immigrant who settled in Richmond two free museum tickets, one for Richmond's museum and one for other city's museum in Metro Vancouver, so as to help new immigrants learn about local history. For Richmond, the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site are undoubtedly the best windows for new immigrants to know about Richmond's history.


In addition, recently more and more Chinese immigrants begin to enthusiastically participate in Canada's politics,  some serious issues  also happened,  for this reason, I will promote two activities:


The first is to establish a neutral and rational political forum to change the chaos and anarchy of the Chinese community.


The second is to fight against the personal attack, abuse, all kinds of insulting words and offensive remarks  in the Chinese political WeChat group and online forums, Let civilization become mainstream, Let all kinds of violent and irrational political operations have no room.